Meet Brittney

My intention for creating is to share love. To keep learning, to keep stretching my brain, to keep bringing new experiences and relationships into my life. To be responsible with my energy and time and to constantly work on growth. 

My entire life, the answers to most questions point towards clay. I crave grounding and being closer to the earth. Clay is a source of healing and organizing my energy: the practice of manipulating the earth to become a shape, working close to the body in complete concentration. Ceramics is learning to appreciate and love the process of creating with no attachment to the outcome. Every step a piece survives is the most exciting accomplishment!  I get to be a mad scientist and endure a labor of love to bring you something one-of-a-kind and beautiful. These pieces will make your heart happy, and support your healing through high vibration, beauty and touch. High vibration items are meant to be enjoyed. Hold them, love them and use your ceramics everyday! 

My Paintings are full of energy and bold. I love painting with big movements, adding large expressions of energy and feeling. Profoundly inspired by traveling and design, I pick a specific moment and pull from those feelings and that space and transfer it into my work.  I create all my work imagining it hanging in my home to be enjoyed everyday!  These Abstract artworks transform any room.

Big or small, painting or ceramic, my style is polished yet whimsical, edgy while feminine and sophisticated with flare. I’m honored to send high vibration items to your home!

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